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Wellness Leaderboard

Each circle in this figure represents an organization who has committed to creating and maintaining the best possible environment for their employees. Larger circle sizes represent an above-average level of action in any of the three categories of wellness.

Leaders in Workplace Wellness

Organizations with a strong wellness culture have happier, more productive employees and consistently outperform their competitors.

Simply put, a healthy company is a thriving company. If you want to improve your employee retention rates, increase productivity, or save money for your business, then wellness is an easy place to start.

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Join a wellness movement with companies just like yours.

Monitor and grow your organizational wellness initiatives.

Empower your people, and amplify your impact.

Build an Enduring Business

Amplify Wellness was created by the Entrepreneurs Foundation (EF) and It's Time Texas to help EF member companies initiate, assess, track and improve workplace wellness. Our easy assessment tools and quick-reference resources help you determine simple steps to improve employee wellness. EF staff members are available to discuss this tool kit, wellness programs and introduce you to peers at other member companies overseeing their own wellness programs.

Just sign up, take the assessment, and we’ll help you implement changes that will have a big impact in your organization. Your results are private and you can (and should!) retake the assessment at any time so you can capture the latest improvements you’ve made. As you gain momentum with your wellness initiatives, your bubble on the home page will grow to reflect the great work you're doing alongside other companies just like yours. Get started now and see just how much you can drive your business forward.